Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ninjafrodos comeback (reflection moment)

Hey guys it's been awhile but I felt like I needed to start reposting now that I've evolved and became a more open person. Going forward I will be posting reflections and insights on here for you guys to check out and ponder if you enjoy!

Here is today's reflection moment!
Thinking about this past few months of this year, I've come to realize that this year has been the most challenging, evolving, fearful, courageous, happy and freeing year of my life! It's been the best year of my life.

I didn't win the lottery, I didn't find the love of my life or my dream job...nothing in my life has really changed at all outside my external's been the best year of because I choose the challenges, I choose to evolve, to become courageous and go through my fear, I decided that, not my circumstances and that's where I found happiness and freedom.

There are many self development things out there that give the message that you need to be positive and avoid anything negative but in all reality, thats just a road to frustration, anger, fear and depression! Life is going to be full of things we don't want as well as what we do want and the key is to be able to be with what comes fight is to cause stress and it really makes things feel worse and keeps those.emotions we may not want keep coming up, it's where people stay stuck in a Rut and relive painful, upsetting and depressive events of their lives as well as preliving a future with the same flavor as the past, where is happiness in that?

Happiness and freedom don't come from avoiding negativity, discomfort and comes from going through it and getting to the other side! Negativity is inevitable, being stuck is not!

And this is actually where positivity of avoiding the negative can in fact become more negative and where the going through the negative can actually become's cathartic, it's freeing, this is where overcoming and personal growth/evolution happens...evolution of one's self in a more fulfilling, satisfying way.

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