Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The new project

So we've recently finished "The Challenge" on stresscenter.com which was a project in which a group of us went through the program together and shared each other's experiences. It was ok and we did achieve many things and did grow and improve however it was very limited and we lost alot of that potential half way through. We did get to the end of the program, barely and i think we waited about 3 weeks after and decided to go at it again.

I learned alot about being a leader and leading a group of people through the program and decided to use this knowledge to make another attempt. Mcshope (one of the members of the original group) decided to take charge and create another run through of the program. She and I are working together to make this work and there many diffrences now than before.

One thing that happened during the challenge is at the beginning we were all reved up and were looking towards where we wanted to go and it was all exciting and fun but then we lost that spark and started to focus on what we didn't want. We were focusing on how we were still struggling and how things were unsatisfying and we talked more about problems as opposed to solutions and it just became stressful to even go to the forums where we were doing the challenge.

This time we have planned to keep the main project about fun things, excitement, joy and inspiration. We have decided to focus on where we want to go and what we want and to do it in a really fun way. By this I mean a place where we can go in order to share the positive things each other has experienced and found in life and online. Things like positive and inspiring music, videos, stories, pictures, ideas and to serve the purpose of creating more positivity, more joy, more excitement, more fun, more love, more compassion, more inspiration, more encouragement and to do this for a period of 4 months! And to incorporate the Attack anxiety and depression into this in order to help break the barriers that keep us from feeling those awesome feelings.

I feel really good about this project and I hope it helps out many many many people!


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